About Us

In the consulting field, Confianza Ingenieros has been doing consulting for the development of new service processes, merchandising, and the disassembling of machinery. Likewise, we have been working with various entities in the market analysis area for financial projections. Some of these projects are:

  • The dismantling of production plants (Grupo Bancolombia)
  • The exportation of used machinery (Grupo Bancolombia)
  • Valuating of transportation vehicles (Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia)

For over 15 years, Confianza Ingenieros Consultores LTDA has been valuating automobiles, a variety of machinery, and a wide range of specialized equipment. As valuators who are part of the Colombian National Valuating Registry, all of our services comply with IVS policies (International Valuation Standard).

We also work with some of Colombia´s largest banks and financial entities by supporting them with the leasing process, the collection and storage process for their commodities, and exporting procedures.

At Confianza Ingenieros, we strive to be the best by providing excellent service.  Our staff is composed of a variety of specialized engineers in all fields. Our desire is to generate clear and precise reports that allow our clients to make the best decisions in terms of how they finance, buy, sell, and/or return their commodities.

Some of our most distinguished clients are:

  • Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia)
  • Bancolombia Bank (Grupo Bancolombia)
  • Colpatria Bank (Colpatria S.A. from the Scotiabank group)
  • ETB (Bogota’s Telecommunication Company)
  • TAC—Transporte Aereo de Colombia (Colombia’s Air Transport), etc.
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